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  • Author: Arian Mostaedi
  • Pages: 240
  • Format: 240 x 330 (9 1/2 x 13)
  • Binding: hard cover w/slip case
  • Publication Date: 2003-02-01
  • ISBN: 978-84-89861-89-3
  • Print Price: $65
  • Digital Price: $39

  • Available Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese


Through recent examples by renowned international architects, this monographic work analyzes the difficulty of integrating new residential volumes into sites that are particularly narrow and difficult due to their situation and environment, and making them connect with the context through exemplary technical and formal solutions. In all of them, the facade concentrates the most interesting aspects of the composition and construction of the project; it is the face of the building, a privileged view onto the exterior, which connects with the neighbouring buildings in order to weave the urban fabric and close the profile of the street.

$ 65
$ 39

Maison T / Dominique Jacob & Brandon MacFarlane. Timber Frame House with a Curtain Wall / Kunihide Oshinomi, Takeshi Semba. Voss Street House / Anthony Hudson & Sarah Featherstone. Casa en Argentona / Araceli Manzano & Esther Flavià. House on Club Row London / Thinking Space Architects. A House with Three Eras / GAD architecture. Fitch/O’Rourke Residence / Robert M. Gurney. House in a garage Abbadie / Gaëlle Hamonic et Jean-Christophe Masson. Marico House / Benson & Forsyth. House i / Jun Aoki. Film House / Christophe Lab. Aura House / FOBA. Elektra House / David Adjaye Associates. Duffy House / Iván Bercedo & Jorge Mestre. Verhaeghe House / Eugeen Liebaut. Plane + House / Koh Kitayama. Teng Residence / SCDA Architects. In spe-single family house / Pool. Casa Grau / Mathias Klotz. Montenegro House / Georges Maurios. White Woods / Koichiro Ishiguro. Ian/Stolz Residence / Kuth/Ranieri.