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  • Author: Jacobo Krauel
  • Pages: 180
  • Format: 240 x 300 (9 1/2 x 12)
  • Binding: hard cover w/jacket
  • Publication Date: 2006-12-01
  • ISBN: 978-84-96263-82-6
  • Print Price: $45
  • Digital Price: $27

  • Available Languages: English, Spanish


Benches, railings, parterres, street lamps, posts, footpaths and bridges, fountains and spatial organizers-- Urban Elements takes an up-close look at all of the elements that go into the design of urban space. Every element shown in the dazzling color photographs was custom-designed for a specific project, and all are explained from the drawing board up, from the original sketches and lists of materials to finished product in its setting. The most thorough and complete volume of its kind, Urban Elements is a streetwise resource that every urban design professional must have.

$ 45
$ 27

Seats / Cuc, Hoja, Trasluz, Racional, Mobilia Bench, Mingle – Shade, Deca, Miriápodo, Accesible, Sit, 5050, Bloop, Ambiente, Cube, Vera, Grindle, Mobilia table, Dom, Bilateral, Catalano, Harmony, Cornamusa, Agi, BerlinBank, Botanic, Xurret System, Onda, K-Bench, K-Baby, Recte, Godot, Banda, Tens, Essen, Urban Quality Design System, Moon, Perforano, Killy, Pillet, Sillarga, Literas Urbanas, Radium, Trapecio, Canapino, Topográfico, Via Augusta, Prat, PicNic, Urban Seat, Lungo Mare. Wastebaskets / Lena, Balia, Maya, Marte, Radium, Cube, Urbana, Saturno, Valet, Argo, Canasto, Grace. Fountains / Chafariz, Atlántida, Fontfosa, Agua, Radi, Naia. Lights / Bdlove lamp, Sara, Totem, Ballerina, Mawson Lakes Solar Light, Triangel, Vrellen, Tournesol, Faro, Llum-i, Kanya, Arona, Rondò, Dinosaurio, Kipp Post, Glowing Places, Ruta del Quijote, Yumi, Rama, AJC, Poniente, Upupa, Camelot, Lita, Gabianno, Latina. Limits / SH, Vento, Haiku, Baliza Morella, Tona, SL, Luco Mojón, Kipp Bollard, Tente, SR. Planters / Canasto, Las Tres Damas, Femina, Arcadia, Casicilíndrica, Cestae, Morella, Barcina. Beach elements / Lavapiés, Apoios de Praia, Bina, Pass, Ada. Games / Trottola, Bibornes, Organo di Pan, Mowgli, Shadow Play, Distorting Mirror. Floors / Pictorical pavements, Chequerblock, Palma. Bus Shelters / Foster, Gull Wing, BMG, Buenos Aires, Tokay