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  • Author: Jacobo Krauel
  • Pages: 300
  • Format: 242 x 284 (9 1/2 X 11)
  • Binding: hard cover w/jacket
  • Publication Date: 2012-05-01
  • ISBN: 978-84-15123-60-6
  • Print Price: $68
  • Digital Price: $40.8

  • Available Languages: English, Spanish, French

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The latest addition to the respected Stands series. This volume contains some of today’s most creative and innovative trade show designs. Renowned international architects have contributed their finest work, which pushes the boundaries that define this fascinating and ever-evolving area. Full color photographs, plans, sketches and detailed explanatory texts provide insights into each of the featured projects. For architects and designers in the field, as well as for students, this book will surely be an invaluable source of inspiration.

$ 68
$ 40.8

Berndes / Ippolito Fleitz Group. Lixil / Curiosity. Art 4d pavilion / Apostrophy’s. Roadshow Audi AreA1 / Schmidhuber + Partner. Desso / Tulp Design. 2TEC2 / LABscape. Val Saint Lambert / Creneau International. Reebok at B&B Barcelona / Everyone Associates. Burkhardt Leitner / Ippolito Fleitz Group. Moroso / Patricia Urquiola & Martino Berghinz. Sattler: “Living with the sun” / Ozon. Büro für integrale Kommunikation. Burlington Premium II / KEGGENHOFF | PARTNER. LinksBooks / Beatriz Delgado Fernández. Plasticamente Pavilion / Riccardo Giovanetti. Grupo Lamosa / Local 10 Arquitectura. WHAT A BIRTHDAY. IT’S MINI / Franken Architekten. Seoul Semiconductors / IS group. Curiosity. Qatar FIFA 2022 / dan pearlman Markenarchitektur. Tridonic: The regulation, navigation and operation of light / Ozon. Büro für integrale Kommunikation. Limited Edition / LABscape. Brunner / Ippolito Fleitz Group. Adidas / D’art Design Gruppe. Serafini / atelier 522. Reebok at B&B Berlin / Everyone Associates. smart urban stage / BraunWagner. INFINITYCONST / STUDIO DEGA. Schneider Electric / nkbak. molo softwall + softblock / molo design. Coop / vc a / Paolo Cesaretti+Cristiana Vannini. Gräfe Und Unzer / D’art Design Gruppe. Metropolis / Urban A&O. Tomorrow Focus / Tulp Design. Burlington Premium I / KEGGENHOFF | PARTNER. Hi-Cone / Mutabor Design. SENSATIONS - Deutsche Telekom /q~bus Mediatektur. Moroso / Patricia Urquiola & Martino Berghinz. Audi / Schmidhuber+Partner. Gira / schmitz Visuelle Kommunikation. LG Hausys / dan pearlman Markenarchitektur. Première Vision / Eric Jourdan, Francesca Avossa. Lab / Franken Architekten. WeAr Global Magazine / Creneau International. Roca / dan pearlman Markenarchitektur. USG / BROISSINarchitects. Eternit / Astrid Bornheim Architektur. Ray of Light / Kako.Ko. Teknion / Vanderbyl design. ewo / Institute of Friends. Antron / B612. Ritzenhoff / Hadi Teherani